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  • pg. 14 - 15
    1. The Ur Local article about the bus accident which occurred during the trip home from Lexington KY to Moore KY (an actual KY city, South of Lexington and west of Somerset). In the novella, King writes that the survivors were taken to "the hospital in Bowling Green," (100 miles west of Moore). Further, the accident occurred "two miles west of Cadiz," on Highway 80, which in KY is a small winding road in EASTERN Ky, (nowhere near Bowling Green or Lexington). Other hospitals are closer. Finally, in Part VI page 8, Smith and Robbie confront the drunken driver outside a roadhouse in Eddyville, (even further west than Bowling Green).
  • pg. 263
1. Wesley is sitting in his living room with the two low men. He is by himself across from the other two, who are giving Wesley an evil look. The line reads "Only stared at them with their black, predatory bird-eyes." It should have read "Only stared at him with the predatory bird-eyes."