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Part 2: Closing Day[]

Chapter 6 - Night Thoughts[]
  • pg. 47
    1. King writes that Jack and Wendy's first car was "…a five-year-old Buick…", but later, (Ch. 32 - The Bedroom, pg. 263) we read that Jack had traded the Honda 350cc motorcycle he had when he met Wendy on a Saab when they moved in together
Chapter 8 - A View of the Overlook[]
  • pg. 61
    1. When Jack takes his family up to Overlook, it says that when he parked at the scenic turnout, he stepped on the emergency-brake.
      • The problem is, that no Volkswagen has ever had a pedal like emergency-brake.
Chapter 11 - The Shining[]
  • pg. 84
    1. Danny tells Hallorann about how he once "overheard" an older boy, thinking about stealing a radio. However when Danny recalls the incident later (Ch. 22, pg. 199), the radio is now a TV.

Part 3: The Wasps' Nest[]

Chapter 15 - Down in the Front Yard[]
  • pg. 119
    1. Wendy refers to Jack as John Torrance.
      • This may not be an error because Jack is a common nickname for John, so John could be his legal name.
Chapter 18 - The Scrapbook[]
  • pg. 155
    1. When does the overlook open?
      • Jack reads an invitation from Horace M. Derwent to the Grand Opening of the Overlook. The opening date is shown as Aug. 29 1945.
      • Later in the chapter (pg. 160), Jack reads a newspaper clipping that states Derwent owned the Overlook from 1946 to 1952.
  • pg. 157
    1. (Firearm errors) We read that one of the items Derwent patented was "…a machine gun that was cooled by alcohol…". There are water-cooled machine guns, but using a highly flammable liquid -such as alcohol- as a coolant would be an unwise decision.

Part 5: Matters of Life and Death[]

Chapter 42 - Mid-Air[]
  • pg. 336-338

    USA timezones.

    1. "Sometime after midnight…", while Dick Hallorann was waiting for his flight, he called the "Rocky Mountain National Park" and spoke to a ranger. At the end of that conversation, the ranger tells Dick that it is 9:30 (pg. 338).
      • The different times zones in the USA makes this is an error. The state of Florida is two hours ahead of Colorado. So since Dick Halloran called the ranger station some time after midnight EST, the ranger should have said it was 10:30.

( Note: All page numbers are from the Signet paperback, unless otherwise noted. )

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