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Minus 071 and counting

  • pg 780
    1. King tells us Richard doesn’t own a watch "Ironically, the man living by the clock had no watch.". However, in the first sentence of "Minus 33 and counting" (pg 872), Richard is watching the red second hand on his watch.

Minus 054 and counting

  • pg 819
    1. As Ben Richards dreams about Bradly, we read that Bradley had been captured and is strapped to a chair, he notes that Bradley's head "…had been shaved, like that of a penitent.". Yet a few lines down when they shock Bradley, it says "…his hair stood on end, a futuristic Stepinfetchit.".

-- Misc.

  • The description of cars seems inconsistent. Sometimes they have tires (…Minus 49…, pg 831) "…rear tires digging out great clods of ripped black earth.", but other times they seem to be flying (…Minus 037…, pg 865) "The air car lifted four inches and hummed smoothly forward." .

( Note: All page numbers are from the Signet "The Bachman Books" paperback, unless otherwise noted. )

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