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Part 1: Starting Out

Chapter 1
  • pg 184-185
    1. The contestants -walkers- are given numbers based on the alphabetical order of their last names. Raymond Garraty gets #47 (pg 185) and we find later (Ch 2, pg 205) that Ewing gets #9. That means there are about 38 contestants with last names starting with "F"?
  • pg 192
    1. Garraty recalls the Long Walk his father had taken him to when he was 10. We later learn that the squads took his father away 11 years ago (ch 7, pg 293). We also know Garrity was 16 years old when the story occurred (ch 1, pg 180). The math doesn't work. Subtract 11 years from Garrity's current age means Garrity was 5 when his father was taken.

Part 2: Going Down the Road

Chapter 4
  • pg 233
    1. Jan is described as having "…dark hair…", but later Jan is said to have "…long blond hair…" (ch 6, pg 274).

Chapter 13
  • pg 375
    1. Garraty is talking to McVries and says "I let the April 15th backout date go by…". A few lines latter, McVries asks Garraty "No one tried to talk you into using the April 31st backout?". Two problems.
      • So is the backout date April 15, or April 31? Having two would make no sense at all.
      • More importantly, how many days are there in April?
        • This error is repeated later this same chapter (pg 377) when we are told that 12 walkers "… used the April 31st backout.".

Part 3: The Rabbit

Chapter 17
  • pg 422
    1. Stebbins vomits and we read "…and for only the second time since the Walk began, he was warned.". This was actually his 3rd warning.
      • His first was just after the race started (Ch 1, pg 187), when he took a warning to check the limits.
      • His second warning was when Garraty told him to get away from him (Ch 10, pg 345) and he dropped back and got a warning.

( Note: All page numbers are from the Signet "The Bachman Books" paperback, unless otherwise noted. )

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