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The Two Dead Girls[]

Chapter 3

  • pg. 38
    1. Trapingis County is mentioned -for the first of several times-. However the story takes place in Louisiana, the only state that doesn't have "counties".  They are known as parishes.

The Mouse on the Mile[]

Chapter 4

  • pg. 35
    1. While rehearsing for Bitterbuck's execution, Dean affixes the clamp on Toot-Toot's left leg and King writes "The clamp on Dean's side was slightly bigger, because it carried the juice.". However, in "The Bad Death of Eduard Delacroix" (Ch. 4, pg. 43-44) Brutal was at Del's right leg and we are told that is the one with the electrode.

Coffey's Hands[]

Chapter 10

  • pg. 83
    1. Paul is talking to Eduard Delacrox about what priest he wants. Delacroix says that if "Schuster" was good enough for Big Chief Bitterbuck, then he'd be good enough for him. Bitterbuck however had been executed before Delacroix arrived.
      • Bitterbuck is executed in "The Mouse on the Mile" (Ch. 5, pg. 44).
      • Delacroix arrives on the Mile in "The Mouse on the Mile" (Ch. 7, pg. 52).

Coffey on the Mile[]

Chapter 2

  • pg. 29
    1. Paul is talking to Percy, who is still in the straitjacket with tape over his mouth. After telling Percy that if he started yelling they'd re-tape his mouth, Paul grabs an edge of the tape "…and gave it a hard yank. It made a loud peeling sound. Brutal winced. Percy yipped with pain and began rubbing his lips…". While wearing a straitjacket?
      • This is reportedly corrected in later editions.

( Note: All page numbers are from the Signet 6 part paperback serialization, unless otherwise noted. )

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