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  • pg. 5
    1. Thad is taken to "Bergenfield County Hospital". Bergenfield County doesn't exist. Bergenfield, New Jersey, where this part of the story takes place, is in Bergen County.

Part I - Fool's Stuffing[]

Chapter 1 - People Will Talk[]

subchapter 2

  • pg. 26
    1. Part of the People Magazine article about George Stark is quoted "From his birth in Manchester, New Hampshire, to his final residence in Oxford, Mississippi, everything is there except for George Stark's interment six weeks ago at Homeland Cemetery in Castle Rock, Maine.". Yet Pangborn later (Ch. 13 - Sheer Panic, Subch. 4, pg. 155) says "The cemetery wasn't specifically identified, either in the photo caption or in the body of the story…".  Apparently, Alan Pangborn isn't much of an investigator.
Chapter 8 - Pangborn Pays a Visit[]

subchapter 2

  • pg. 91
    1. When Thad realizes he had written "The Sparrows Are Flying Again" on some papers, he "…bundled the whole ting into one of the drawers.". Yet we later (Ch. 10, Subch. 2, pg. 120) read, Thad shows his wife what he had been working on and picks up "…the little stack of pages on top of the typewriter…"

Part II - Stark Takes Charge[]

Chapter 16 - George Stark Calling[]

subchapter 6

  • pg. 221
    1. Alan Pangborn calls the Fort Laramie Sheriff's Office, tells the them to confirm his ID and he'll "…call back in ten minutes or so…". After hanging up, he sits at his desk making shadow animals and "waited for the minute hand to circle the face of the clock ten times". That's ten hours, not ten minutes. He meant "second hand".
    2. We also learn Alan's two sons are named "…Todd and Toby…". Yet in Needful Things (Ch. 7, Subch. 5, pg. 166) his sons are Al and Todd.
Chapter 18 - Automatic Writing[]

subchapter 2

  • pg. 243
  • As Thad writes, he senses his brain waves changing, "…turning into the soft, sloppy delta waves of dreaming sleep.". Rem sleep is stage-5 and is characterized by beta waves. Delta waves are from stage-4, deep sleep or unconsciousness.

Part III - The Coming of the Psychopomps[]

Chapter 24 - The Coming of the Sparrows[]

subchapter 3

  • pg. 373
    1. Thad's summer home is on "Lake Lane". This is repeated (Ch. 25 - Steel Machine, Subch. 1, pg. 389). However, later in this subchapter (pg. 391), it changes to "Lake Drive".

( Note: All page numbers are from the Viking hardcover, unless otherwise noted. )

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