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Welcome to the Stephen King Bloopers Wiki

A repository of mistakes and bloopers from Stephen King books.

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This site is not intended as an insult to Stephen King, or to offend his fans, this is simply fun trivia for attentive readers. See About page for further information.

We welcome, and encouraged visitors to contribute to this site by adding pages or entries that don't yet exist. For those users that are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with editing wiki pages, we've created a "Report a Blooper" page where readers can post the mistakes they find without having to worry about wiki formatting.

Spoiler Warning: Due to the fact that this wiki lists errors in the books, readers are cautioned that pages will likely contain "spoilers". Consider this Fair Warning, as individual pages will not contain further warnings.  Spoilers will however be limited to the book the page is about.  Example: The "Misery" page will not contain spoilers for "It", or any other book.  The Dark Tower pages may however reference earlier books in the saga.

Just for fun, take a moment and vote for your favorites in our Top Ten polls!

  • Admin Note: I've been busy for awhile, so forgive me for not updating the page with the reported bloopers. I'll be posting updates shortly.  Sorry about the delay. reeeeeeeeeeeee

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