Welcome to the Stephen King Bloopers Wiki!

This page is a place where fans of Stephen King's books can read about or report bloopers, errors, or goofs they come across while reading their favorite Stephen King books.

This site is not intended as an insult to Stephen King or to offend his many fans (I myself am a fan of many of his stories). This is simply fun trivia for attentive readers. Remember that even writers of works regarded to be classics have made their own bloopers. For example in "Julius Caesar"[1], Shakespeare[2] has a clock strike the hour, over 1,300 years before such a clock was invented, and in "Robinson Crusoe"[3], Daniel Defoe[4] has Crusoe strip down to swim out to a shipwreck and upon arriving at the boat begin filling his pockets.

Most of the mistakes listed herein are things I've stumbled across in my years of reading Stephen King's work, but some come from old postings from Newsgroups and a now long defunct Stephen King web page & Chat room where Stephen King fans used to gather.

All visitors are more than welcome, and encouraged to contribute to the site by adding pages or entries that don't yet exist. For those users that are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with editing wiki pages, I've created a "report a goof" page where readers can post finds and I'll move their report to the correct page as soon as I have the time. If you wish to be credited for the report, feel free to leave either your first name, or nickname in your post and I'll give you credit when I add your report to its correct home page.

Have fun!

--skbloopers (admin)


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