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The Monkey[]

  • pg. 163
    1. The monkey is said to have "…murky amber eyes…". Later however (pg. 172), King writes "Looking over the top was a pair of glassy hazel eyes.". The eyes are again referred to as hazel on pages 180 and 192.

The Man Who Would Not Shake Hands[]

  • pg. 328
    1. George tells us "There were four of us who were ready to sit down and play poker; we only wanted a fifth to make the evening a go.". King then writes that Jason Davidson tells him that George Oxley will not be coming due to a broken leg. This is when Henry Brower asks if he can join as the fifth. Yet when they all sit down (pg. 329-330) there are six at the table so they already had the five players they were supposedly waiting for.
      • Players listed in order of their arrival/introduction at the table are (1)Henry Brower and (2)George Gregson. (3)Jason Davidson -who introduces- (4)Darrel Baker, (5)Andrew French, and (6)Jack Wilden.

  • pg. 331-334
    1. The final hand (seven-card stud) is described over several pages, but there are several problems with the last hand:
      • French calls seven-card stud, yet the players only get six cards. The initial three (2 down, 1 up) then 3 more rounds of 1 upcard each.
      • Baker isn't mentioned during the initial deal and only re-appears on the 3rd round (fifth card).
      • King writes (pg. 333) that Baker was anxious and "…pulled out one of his three down cards and turned it over to show four kings."
        1. He should have only 2 down cards, not three.
      • King writes (pg. 334) "Brower had turned over all three of his down cards to reveal a straight flush, from the eight to the queen.". This is a 2 point error.
        1. He should have only 2 down cards, not three.
        2. This contradicts what we were told he was holding (see below).
      • There are too many kings in play here. Darrel has his four Kings, but George also has the King of Hearts.
Cards we know prior to the players showing:
Player 1st deal 2nd 3rd 4th
George Gregson x♥ x♥ x♥ x♥ ?? K♥
Jack Wilden ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Andrew French ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Jason Davidson xx xx x♥ 3? A? A?
Henry Brower ?? ?? 10♠ J♠ 2♦ Q♣
Darrel Baker ?? ?? K?* ?? K? K?

(*While George does not mention Baker getting this card, on the 3rd deal George says Baker gets a King, making a pair.)

Hands after players show:
Player 1st deal 2nd 3rd 4th Result
George Gregson x♥ x♥ x♥ x♥ K♥ ♥-Flush
Jack Wilden ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Pair
Andrew French ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Jason Davidson A? A? A♥ 3? ?? A? 4-Aces
Henry Brower 8♠ 9♠ 10♠ J♠ 2♦ Q♠ Straight
Darrel Baker ?? K? K?* ?? K? K? 4-Kings

( Note: All page numbers are from the Signet paperback, unless otherwise noted. )

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