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Insomnia, chapter 29, page 1234, Catfish don't have scales. Reported by CarefulReader

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In 11.22.63, Jake would not have been able to purchase condoms -- or anything else -- on a Sunday in Texas because of the Blue Laws. Stores were required to closed on Sundays. These were not repealed 'til the mid-1980s.

In Firestarter, Endgame chapter, Subchapter 1, p. 282, he describes, "eight huge Kelvinator air conditioners, all running at high speed, all pumping freezing air into the testing room." Air conditioners don't pump freezing air into a room. They work by removing hot air from a room and expelling that heat outside the house or building. I would've suggested King rewrite it as, "...all pumping that room's hot air outside the building."

In 11/22/63 [Chapter 12, subchapter 11] Jake sees for sale in 1960 Texas state flags with the motto "Don't Mess With Texas". This motto was created for an anti-littering campaign which began in 1985. (submitted by Dr. Nil)

Pet Sematary page 21 (hardcover) contains a typo of phone instead saying "phong"

It (1986) Part 2: June Of 1958 subchapter 8 Georgie's Room and the House on Neibolt Street

Page 337: Bill and Richie are in Bill's room. Bill puts a stack of records on his phonograph. He turns it on, and The Fleetwoods start singing "Come Softly Darling" which is the first line from The Fleetwoods song "Come Softly To Me" which was recorded fall of 1958, and released on February 16th 1959. The scene takes place June of 1958 "Come Softly To Me" was not released yet until a year later.

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