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Graveyard Shift[]

  • pg 37
    1. Bats are called "...the aviators of the rodent family.". Two problems.
      • Rodentia is an order, not "Family"
      • Bats are not rodents

Gray Matter[]

  • pg 106
    1. It is said that Richie came to Henry's Nite-Owl once a day to pick up a case of whatever beer was cheapest that day. However, on page 109 it says that Timmy brought back a case of Golden Light as always.


  • pg 129-130
    1. We are told the trucks are patrolling outside the diner with their parking and running lights on. Yet on page 130, it says that all the lights now popped on in unison.

Sometimes They Come Back[]

  • pg 158
    1. Vinnie asks Jimmy how his brother is. In reaction to that question, it says that Jim felt his bladder loosen. Jimmy then walks into his classroom to teach. With wet pants?

I know what you need[]

  • pg 231
    1. King states that Elizabeth's junior year ended. On page 240, when approximately the first quarter of the second year has passed, Alice talks to Elizabeth. Alice says that if she should was jealous at Elizabeth or her dates, she would have moved out two years ago.

( Note: All page numbers are from the Signet paperback, unless otherwise noted. )

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