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Part I: AnnieEdit

Subchapter 10

  • pg. 22
    1. Annie scrubs the bare plaster wall to remove the soup stain. However, (pg. 61) Annie rolls Paul in his wheelchair to the window where Paul is thankful for something to look at other than the blue wallpaper in his room. On pg. 293 Paul notices the wallpaper was burning.

Subchapter 22

  • pg. 50
    1. Between "His other deductions…" and "…one and the same.". The neurosis conception was introduced by Sigmund Freud, as an important part of the theory about the psychosexual development. Since then this theory and also the neurosis conception has been subject to dissociation and is therefore not being used anymore.
    2. Between "The puffed and…" and "…one and the same.". This part can quite possibly be a correct reference to the borderline disorder, as it was set forth by psychoanalysts like Kohut and Ainsworth. This psychoanalyzation was later rejected.

Subchapter 23

  • pg. 53
    1. Annie presents Paul with the Royal typewriter. It is described as having glass side panels, but later (Subch. 42, pg. 290), says the typewriter has gray sides.
  • pg. 56
    1. Annie places the Royal typewriter on the board that she has made for the wheelchair. However (page 58), it says that it stood on the bureau.

Subchapter 34

  • pg. 83
    1. (Firearm errors) Paul remembers Annie "…cocking the shotgun's two triggers…". You cock the hammer, not the trigger.

Part II: MiseryEdit

Subchapter 2

  • pg. 97
    1. Annie places the pages on the night table besides Paul, so Paul is either lying in bed, or in his wheelchair beside his night table. On pg. 100, Paul hides a smile behind his hand and pretends he is coughing and Annie slaps him on the back. However later in that subchapter (pg. 101), it says that Annie sat on the bed, and Paul is sitting in his wheelchair at other end of the room.

Subchapter 18

  • pg. 177-178
    1. Paul reads about Annie's marriage to Ralph Dugan on January the 2nd 1979. Later it says that Annie and Ralph bought their house in March 1979. Paul then wonders why Annie, even though it has been a year (he thinks), hasn't smelled cockadoodie on Ralph yet. But they have only been married for two months when they bought that house.

Subchapter 21

  • pg. 198
    1. Annie tells Paul that she hasn't stolen any medicine that was morphine-based from any of the hospitals, because they kept count of it. However Novril is morphine-based, since it is a codeine-based drug and codeine is a natural isomer of methylated morphine.

Part III: PaulEdit

Subchapter 32

  • pg. 277
    1. (Firearm errors) Annie points her shotgun towards the KTKA camera-man. A few lines later it says that she was holding a rifle.

( Note: All page numbers are from the Viking hardcover. )

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