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  • pg. 38
    1. Donna is described as gray-eyed. Later (pgs 149 & 227), she is said to have blue eyes.
  • pg. 57
    1. Evelyn Chambers -aka Aunt Evvie- age 90, dies of a heart attack while listening to Tad on his swing. We are twice told the date is the last day of June (pg. 37 & 45), and we had been told (pg. 4), that the year is 1980. Yet in "Needful Things" (Part 1 - Grand Opening Celebration, Ch. 2, Subch. 1, pg. 39), we are told "…old Aunt Evvie Chambers died in 1981…"
  • pg. 74
    1. Vic tells Roger he will pick him up at 5:30 in the morning, but later (pg. 102), Vic says he is supposed to pick up Roger at 6:00 a.m.
  • pg. 142
    1. Donna wraps some green olives and cucumber slices in foil. On pg. 165, they are both wrapped in Saran Wrap.
  • pg. 219
    1. Donna is said to be wearing tennis shoes, but later (pg. 228), she kicks at Cujo with her sandals.
  • pg. 292
    1. The paramedic driver had a syringe, to inject Donna "There was a struggle. The syringe was broken.". Syringes have been made from a very durable plastic for a long time -including prior to Cujo being published-.

( Note: All page numbers are from the Signet paperback, unless otherwise noted. )

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