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Part I: Dennis - Teenage Car-Songs[]

Chapter 18 - On the Bleachers[]
  • pg 164
    1. it says that the bell rung, signifying that there were five minutes until period five started. But later (pg 167), Dennis says the next period is period six.

Part II: Arnie - Teenage Love-Songs[]

Chapter 34[]
  • pg 264
    1. Leigh says she promised her mom she would be home at eight-thirty because her parents were "having friends in". When Leigh gets home (pg 278), her mother is dressed in a nightgown. Is that how she always dresses for house guests?
  • pg 265
    PlymouthFury 1958.png
    1. Arnie and Leigh pull over to give the hitchhiker a ride. It says that the hitchhiker opened Christine's rear door, but the 1958 Plymouth Fury has only two doors.

( Note: All page numbers are from the Signet paperback, unless otherwise noted. )

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