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Part One: Blood Sport[]

  • pg. 3
    1. The newspaper reports the "rain of stones" occurred on August 17, 1966, and that Carrie -Carrietta- was three years old. However, Carrie's birthday is September 21, 1963 (pg. 13), so Carrie was actually two years old -2 years, 10 months, 27 days-.
  • pg. 26-27
    1. Estelle Horan is interviewed by Esquire about the "Bikini Incident". She tells the journalist that Carrie was three years old, when she walked into Estelle's back garden and that she (Estelle) moved away from the town, when she was twenty. However (pg. 166) Stella Horan is mentioned as being one of the pupils that Norma Watson stood together with, when Carrie got drenched in the blood from the pigs.
  • pg. 90
    1. Carrie goes to John's in Westover to buy material for her end-of-season dance gown. But later, when Frieda asks her where she has bought her gown Carrie says that she has made it herself and that she has bought the material for it at John's in Andover (pg. 135).
  • pg. 50
    1. The author of "Telekinesis: Analysis and Aftermath" from Science Yearbook is named Dean D.L. McGuffin. Yet a short time later (pg. ) he is called Dean K. L. McGuffin
      • This has been corrected in subsequent editions

Part Two: Prom Night[]

  • pg. 148
    1. King tells us "Margaret had almost killed her then. Ralph had stopped her." (Her being Carrie).
      • The problem is, Ralph died before Carrie was born. "…Margaret White gave birth to her daughter September 21 1963…" and "…Ralph White died in February of 1963…"(pg. 13)
  • pg. 174
    1. Is the neighboring town Andover or Westover? According to the first message from the New England press bureau fire engines from Westover and other towns are on their way to help extinguish the school fire. The third message from the New England press bureau the journalist talks to a fire inspector from Andover (pg. 198).
      • The inspector's origin has been changed to Westover in some later editions.
      • Carrie's Death Certificate (First page of Part 3) was originally from Andover.
        • Some later editions have this changed to Westover.
      • There is also the aforementioned error regarding where Carrie purchased her dress material.

Part Three: Wreckage[]

  • pg. 239
    1. Henry Kellys said to be the owner of the Kelly Fruit Company. However he was initially introduced (pg. 72) as Hubert Kelly

( Note: All page numbers are from the Signet paperback, unless otherwise noted. )

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