• SingingEarth

    Hi! I'm SingingEarth from the Haven wiki!

    Haven is a show on the Syfy channel that's loosely based on The Colorado Kid. In my work on the Haven wiki, I recently discovered that there are a lot of Stephen King wikis:

    I recently discovered that there are a lot of Stephen King wikis:

    • Stephen King
    • Stephen King bloopers
    • Dark Tower
    • The Mist
    • Under The Dome
    • Haven
    • Dreamcatcher - abandoned
    • The Dead Zone - abandoned

    And these are just the few I found looking for them. Most of these wikis don't show up in a wikia search for "Stephen King".

    I'm hoping that we can link our wikis together. We could create a template linking all the King wikis and put it on our front pages. And, if we have someone technically minded, I think it's even possible to make it so that links from o…

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  • Skbloopers

    I'm unlocking the book index page as I added the " NOWYSIWYG " code to it so editors will not be able to  use the visual editor that breaks the < span > coding.  It can be edited in source code now.

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  • Skbloopers

    Sadly, I've had to put the Book Index into protected mode. It uses < span > and there is a bug in the visual editor that will break the page if a user simply looks at the page using the graphic editor mode, then saves it (even if they make no changes, or switch to source mode).

    If there's any content that should be on that list that I have overlooked or need changed/updated, alert me and I'll add it ASAP.

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  • Skbloopers


    April 17, 2013 by Skbloopers

    I've created a few Top Ten lists I encourage you to take part in. Cast your vote now for your favorite Stephen King books and characters. The polls are all linked at our Top 10 List page, here

    I'm interested in what readers think about the site so far, feel free to provide feedback if you have anything you'd like to see added or changed.

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