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Chapter 1[]

  • pg 7
    1. When Mike identifies his wife's body at the morgue, it says that her eyes were closed. But later (Ch 13, pg 215), when he makes love to his wife in his "triple-dream", it says that one of her pupils were larger than the other, like it had been, when he had seen it on the monitor at the morgue.
  • pg 21
    1. Mike recalls that he and Joe had added a studio on to Sara Laughs. According to Mikes later thoughts, the only visible addition from his and Jo's owner period is a "...tiny DSS dish mounted on the central roofpeak." (Ch 3, pg 38).

Chapter 9[]

  • pg 122
    1. Mike compares Max Devore's daughters looks to those of the person in Edvard Munch's painting "The Cry". While the Munch's most famous work is "The Scream", most documentation on the painting does note that it is sometimes refereed to as "The Cry". There is also reportedly a lesser known -and very similar- black and white sketch by Munch that is titled "The Cry", though I have not been able to verify this yet.
      • This error is debatable, but I'm including it. Each reader can decide for him/herself if it is a true blooper / goof.

Chapter 16[]

  • pg 269
    1. Greek Poet George Seferis' haiku is quoted, but it is not laid out correctly.
Are these the voices of our dead friends
Or just the gramophone?
Should be:
Are these the voices
of our dead friends or
just the gramophone?

Chapter 21[]

  • pg 362
    1. It says that the crowd in the dream Mike had, parted as if they were all magnetic, and that he and Ki were positives, while the people around them were negatives. How do magnets work?

Chapter 25[]

  • pg 427
    1. Mike mentions that among the eighties and nineties bands, that were played on the boombox, was a band called "Ah-Hah". The band's name was "a-ha".

-- Misc.[]

  • In the book, pg 5 and pg 493 both agree that Jo was wearing yellow slacks, but in the audio book, the second reference says she is wearing blue slacks.

( Note: All page numbers are from the Scribner hardcover, unless otherwise noted. )

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